Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who are you?

Gary Flinn, Flint's historian extraordinaire, remembers drummer Keith Moon's infamous 21st birthday party at the Flint Holiday Inn with a nice article on the big night. The bash started after The Who played Atwood Stadium — which is hard to even imagine — and ended with the sheriff busting things up. Oh, I almost forgot, Keith drove a car into the swimming pool. And knocked out a tooth after he slipped on some birthday cake while eluding the cops. (For the record, my sister Marty, who threw some memorable parties in Flint, was not involved with this event.)

"At this point, there are many interpretations of what happened at the Holiday Inn. The inn's manager complained about the noise. Fire extinguishers were set off with the foam sprayed on guests' cars ruining the car finishes. A piano was reduced to kindling...The carpeting needed replacing.

"What the stories about the event do not agree on is whether or not Keith drove a luxury car into the Holiday Inn pool. Author Tony Fletcher, in his biography of Keith Moon, debunks the myth that Keith drove a Rolls-Royce into the pool. No one in Flint would believe that claim anyway... Peter C. Cavanaugh wrote that it was a Cadillac. Whatever the case, the total bill, including damages incurred was $24,000. It was rumored that Decca Records purchased the damp Cadillac from its irate owner."
Keith explained in a Rolling Stone interview that it was actually a Lincoln Continental:

"So there I was, sitting in the eight-foot-six in the driver's seat of a Lincoln Continental, underwater. And the water was pouring in -- coming in through the bloody pedal 'oles in the floorboard, you know, squirting in through the windows. In a startling moment of logical I said, "Well, I can't open the doors until the pressure is the same It's amazing 'ow I remembered those things from my physics class! I knew I'd 'ave to wait until the pressure was the same. So I'm sitting there, thinking about me situation, as the water creeps up to me nose. Today I can think of less outrageous ways of going than drowning in a Lincoln Continental in a 'Oliday Inn swimming pool, but at that time I 'ad no thoughts of death whatsoever. There was none of that all-me-life-passing-before-me-eyes-in-a-flash. I was busy planning. I knew if I panicked, I'd 'ave 'ad it."

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  1. Uhhh....How do YOU know that your sister, Marty, was not involved in this?

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