Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amy Palomar's Vision of Flint

Amy Palomar's first real visit to Flint was this past December with photographer Paul Hitz. Paul went to school in Flint and was more than happy to show Amy around. They ended up stopping in at The Lunch Studio to check out a Flint City Handmade Craft Market.

That's where they met Joel Rash, who is a Flint resident, a commercial real estate owner, and the current manager at the Center for Entrepreneurship at U of M Flint. Joel was gracious enough to let them shoot the the historic Capitol Theater.

"It was wonderful to see this artist movement in Flint and Joel's passion for the city really touched me," she says. "There is so much reason for Flint to make it and I think people like Joel Rash, places like The Lunch Box and movements like Flint City Handmade can make it happen."

Palomar is a metro-Detroit based photographer. You can see her work at the Exposure.Detroit show until March 7 and at the Bean and Leaf Cafe in Royal Oak.

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