Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad News Badenhausen

Meet Kurt Badenhausen. He's a senior editor at Forbes. His specialty is statistics. No idea what's up with the saintly halo and the mesmerizing gaze in this picture. Perhaps he's auditioning for the role of Russian Icon in an amateur theater production.

With the country bogged down in Iraq, a recession looming, the deficit skyrocketing, and gas prices spiking, Kurt certainly has some weighty subjects to cover. So what is he writing about during these troubled times? What undiscovered journalistic gems is he unearthing? Well, he's just come out with a piece that reveals Flint and Detroit are "miserable" places. According to Kurt, Detroit is the most miserable place in the entire country. Alas, Flint has to settle for the third most miserable.

Don't you just love Kurt?


  1. Can he not find something more newsworthy or at least a topic that hasn't been explored fifty thousand times?

  2. What! Are you implying Flint and Detroit's economic woes are old news?

  3. My vote for the most miserable place goes to the spot currently occupied by Kurt at any particular moment. Putz!


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