Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Fun!

It happens to the best of us. We go to Chuck E Cheese on Miller Road in Flint, have a few beers, eat some pizza, have a few more beers, play some video games, have a few more beers...and start brawling. The Flint Journal has the details:

The first call came in at 8:53 p.m. concerning a fight among three teenage girls at the pizza parlor. A Genesee County Sheriff's paramedic and state troopers quickly got the fight under control, and canceled other officers headed that way to back them up.

But a few minutes later, the officers sent out a second call as the fight erupted again, and quickly turned into "a knock-down, drag-out between 75 and 80 people," said Flint Township police Sgt. Tim Jones.

"The biggest thing we did was just try to control the crowd. Once pepper has been sprayed, it's floating in the air so we called in for medical help in clearing it. If people aren't used to pepper spray, they get pretty scared and angry," said Jones.

And the fun was really just beginning.

On Sunday, it looked like it was going to happen again. A TV news crew was in the parking lot filming a segment on the previous night's brawl when a family fight broke out among several women and escalated to a group of about 10 in the same family, said Jones.


  1. Bruce (M) tells me I must come by and see your site here and it's articles like this one that make me glad I did. Hey, happens to me all the time, you know, pizza, fighting amongst the womenfolk. Wouldn't be family night without it.

    Let me know if you ever want me to help out with a feature about SCU and blogs or anything for the Comm dept. I had radio with you that one quarter.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks, Heather. It's great to hear from you.

    And, yes, pizza and beer and family fun can be a dangerous combination. At least the youngsters at Chuck E Cheese can now tell their friends what it's like to be pepper sprayed.

  3. It was great to see that this E. Cheese phenomenon of violence is not just relegated to Flint.


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