Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ghost Bar

Another belly up Flint bar — The LL-T on South Saginaw. I think it started out as Bill's Still, then new owners rearranged the letters a bit, using a sideways "I" as a hypen. The photo comes via the flickr account of Jar With Most, who has a great collection of Flint images.


  1. I remember a bar on second street, just west of downtown Flint called Titty City. It was either a biker bar or Cheverolet after work bar. Can't say I ever went or want to go there.

  2. Sure you never went there, Matt. I believe you. Whatever you say.

  3. Is Bill's Still the place where people would jump on the tables at midnight (closing?) and sing "Shout"? Is this too long ago for me to be commenting?lol


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