Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ode to Autoworld

The Toys Are Good Food website has a loving yet realistic ode to the ill-fated Autoworld:

"The interior of the dome was all built up to look like Flint ('Vehicle City'). But homeless people, abandoned buildings and cars on blocks were nowhere to be found. You see, inside the dome was a Disney-fication of Flint from the early 1900s complete with the (highly filtered) Flint River running through the dome."

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  1. Gordon,

    Ya know, in all the months Autoworld(or Wally World, as my brother called it) was open, I never had the chance to visit it. I worked within view of it every weekend, too. I remember they had about 100 parking spots dedicated for handicap parking. I never saw them filled.

    I remember going to the Shriner's Circus at the old IMA before it became Autoworld.


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