Sunday, April 13, 2008

Calling Captain Bubblegum!

A mysterious figure going by the name Smurf's Inc left this intriguing comment that demands more information:

"Does anybody remember northside legend Captain Bubblegum? A crazed maniac who dressed as a super hero and terrorized school children for years? The last story I heard about him involved the good Captain chasing three teenage boys while wearing his trademark cape and mask... and riding a moped."

There you have it. If you can fill us in on Captain Bubblegum, we're eagerly awaiting your information.


  1. I don't remember Capt. Bubblegum but I do remember another caped and masked goofball who held the cops at bay at Pierson and I-75 near the old Sheraton Hotel across from Meijer. If I remember he held the cops at bay and wound up getting shot, I think. Seems he was wandering around in his superhero outfit with a 12 gauge shotgun and wound up not being able to stop a bullet with his super-powers ????


  2. Oh yeah, Doctor Dah. He's featured in a short clip in "Roger & Me."

  3. Last time I tried to reply to this post my computer crashed. The next time a wasp attacked me. Are these paranormal attacks from Capt. Bubblegum?

    I first became aware of Capt. Bubblegum sometime during the early 80s while attending Walker School (or was it Walker Learning Center?) One morning as the buses arrived from all over the city, the kids who arrived on bus #212 from the northwest side were terrified. Scared silly. Hysterical. They reported that a man wearing a superhero outfit had chased them. If memory serves me he struck at both Pierson and Selby. After our teacher interrogated the students it turned out that others had experienced run-ins with this character before.

    Fast forward 8 or 9 years. An outlandishly dressed street person appears on the corner of Ann Arbor and Court St. He doesn't move for weeks. Sitting on a milk crate he is christened Capt. Bubblegumhead... or was he. I assumed this was just some stupid name my friends came up with until...

    1994 finds me working at Al Kessel's Al E. Oops Soul Food Cafe. Yeah, I know, that is a story in and of itself. Anyway, one of my fellow dishwashers is a Black Muslim kid by the name of Termikius. Termikius was a fixture for years at Pierson and Clio hawking copies of Farrakhan's Final Call newspaper. Uhhhh so, one day he regaled me with a story, the confirmation of the existence of Capt. Bubblegum. A few years previous he and two buddies were pursued by a guy on a moped screaming "I'm gonna kill you". Termikius wasn't ashamed to say that he and his pals were in a state of total horror. After all, they were being hunted down by Capt. Bubblegum!!! WTF?!? I implored him to tell me more. Another co-worker chimed in as well. This superhero gone bad was a well-known freakazoid on the north side. Allegedly he never actually caught his prey, but if he did would we ever really know?

  4. hey im captain bubblegum not the one in this article i will kill this evil captain bubblegum with my crew leutandant skittles, general hershys, camander m&m, admral snicker, privet butterfinger, and sargent twix. we will hunt him down that is if he isnt already dead.

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  6. I wanna hear about the soulfood story! only in Flint could somebody like Capt. Bubblegum come around. Nowadays there'd be 6000 angry parents screaming for the guy's blood and entrails...and blaming it on Don the Con. wonder if he's got a cape? sounds like his m.o.

  7. There are two guys from Flint that are making a horror movie about the North side's Captain Bubblegum. I hear it's going to be scary as hell!!! I can't wait to see it.

    1. yeah they only made a part one from what i found. it was only 9 minutes long. I lived on the South side... went to Whittier and Central. I lived in the States. Anybody know if he ever caught a kid?

  8. I see they made Part 2... It's taking long enough... But Im not gonna hate. It looks straight so far..

  9. The movie is finally out.... Captain Bubblegum... I got one from the Bootleggers... I was suprised with how good it was.... Big up's to Flint....


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