Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the future when all's well

On the glorious day that General Motors posted a $3.25 billion quarterly loss — heralded by analysts as "better than expected" — let's look back to happier, more optimistic times for the auto manufacturer born in Flint.

Set at the 1956 General Motors Motorama in Los Angeles, this weird Populux film reveals a drunkenly giddy, very likely drug-fueled vision of the future that obviously never came to pass for Flint. It's half Broadway musical, half burlesque show as envisioned by horny middle-aged GM executives.


  1. I thought the guy who discovered LSD died yesterday (April 29th). You mean he figured out a way to pass LSD through celluloid and into the eyes?

  2. Wow, there's has to be some connection here. Thanks for the update on the LSD news.

  3. Car Woman Fashion - nothing like a little hallucinogenic-fueled Twilight Zone style commodification to make the world go round...Where on earth did you dig up that film?!


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