Thursday, April 24, 2008

The curse of Semi-Pro

Hey, if you were in a movie as bad as Semi-Pro, you'd be angry, too.

"The grizzly bear that comically smacked down Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro fatally mauled its handler on Tuesday," E Online reports.

"The massive animal, whose named is Rocky, was being put through obedience exercises at the Predators in Action wild animal training center in, ironically, Big Bear, Calif., when it bit 39-year-old Stephan Miller on the neck, according to a spokeswoman for the San Bernadino County Sheriff's Office.

"Fellow trainers used pepper spray to separate the 700-pound, 7½-foot male brown bear from its victim and restrain the creature. There were no other injuries reported.

" Paramedics arrived soon after but were unable save Miller, who died at the scene."


  1. A visit to Flint would make any bear angry.

  2. If only the production company had given the bear the original film of the movie and let him "kill" that instead of a person.
    Sad, but maybe in a perverse way this will give at least a few people a reason to see the movie.
    No one will watch it because they have heard it's funny.

  3. I could have handled it not being funny if it at least had featured Flint more prominently.


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