Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Flint Portraits: Tracy Murphy

Flint Powers graduate Tracy "T-Money" Murphy can satisfy your electropop/rap needs — assuming you have any — through her New York-based band Opti-Grab.

The New York music press seems to approve:

"Local trio Opti-Grab make funny, kitschy and ultra-danceable electropop without becoming dated. They remind me of what Fannypack could be and what the retro-electro movement could have been-with catchy hooks, and beats that recall a little bit of Shannon and a little bit of Madonna."
The Village Voice

"Opti-Grab could be your number-one block-rocking party option in the city—if sultry three-way vocals and old-school hip-hop beats are your flavor. And if the authorities could harness the raw power in that scrawny guy's vocals, America could be nuclear free."
—Time Out New York

Downloads available at the Opti-Grab myspace page.

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  1. Opti-Grab... like from "The Jerk"? Just wondering...


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