Sunday, June 1, 2008

Murmurs of Flint

I felt some roundabout Flint nostalgia last night when I went to the R.E.M/Modest Mouse/The National show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley with my friend Will. He blogged about it for SF Weekly, where he works. I haven't listend to R.E.M in what must be 15 years — and after seeing them that won't change — but songs from Murmur got heavy rotation on the little portable tape deck I rode around with in Flint in the early eighties. (No in-dash tape player in the old LeSabre or the Electra.)

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  1. I won't listen to them anymore either. I LOVED them back when "Murmur" came out and now they have this obnoxious hard guitar sound....They are not touring in Michigan this tour. thank God...I would not have seen them anyway...a punk rocker friend from Flint opened up for them in East Lansing circa 1980's and told me what wankers they were!!!
    Roadside Diner Lover (CARA)


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