Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Buick, please

This ad is more than a few decades old, and yet the stylish old gent in the bow tie looks suspiciously like today's typical Buick buyer. I guess that's testament to the timeless quality of Norman Rockwell's work. And Buick's demographic.


  1. Isn't that the old codger who crashed through Dawn Donuts' plate glass window? Somebody needs to talk to his kids, dad shouldn't be driving at that age.

  2. Actually, old Americans are no longer the 'typical' Buick buyer. The new typical buyer is actually a wealthy Chinese business person. The brand is actually very highly esteemed in China and Buick now sells more vehicles in China that the US (albeit via Joint Ventures).

  3. say what you want but around this area the buick is still the vehicle of choice for the blue hairs....the nice cushy ride

    and they hate that the lesabre and park avenue nameplates are gone

    buick only has 3 models that they sell domestically

    and yes the chineese adore the buick

  4. my mom and dad bought a buick skylark in 1966. it was lemon yellow with black interior, my dad's proudest possession. i won't say he looked like the guy in the ad, but probably the same demographic.
    what a car that was...


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