Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bringing people downtown

More small steps that might add up to real change in Flint:

"Thousands of car buffs and enthusiasts gathering to admire shiny rides and the years of memories they elicit," reports Melissa Burden of The Flint Journal.

"Hundreds of people enjoying a concert, sampling food and drinks on a warm summer day.

"They're part of a grassroots group's vision to pack downtown Flint with a festival or event every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2009, piggybacking off several successful and highly attended downtown events this past summer.

"Steve Casner, owner of Casner Insurance Agency Inc. in Flint Township, and four other people who share a love of cars have been talking for more than a year about bringing more events and festivals downtown. The group -- which includes a physician and a teacher -- would like to see the events bring in 10,000 or more people each weekend."

Thankfully, it does not appear that drag racing will find a spot on the Flint calendar.

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  1. Back to the Bricks was great. Hard to beat for seeing lots of interesting cars. And it's free!


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