Monday, September 29, 2008

Chevy dealer folds

The world's largest Chevy dealership, with branches stretching from Alabama to Texas, goes belly up and 2,700 lose their jobs.


  1. there is more than meets the eye on this one.

    this dealer allegedly participated in some questionable practices.

    on the surface it seems that the "largest chevy dealer" folded due to lack of business and lack of viable products.

    being in one of the most difficult markets in the country let me say that in my opinion, car sales are far better than most think. whenever i'm in a social setting people come up to me and say "wow, i bet things are really bad for you" my thoughts are thanks for the vote of confidence, my response is always "it's a lot better than you think."

    chevrolet has the best line up of american made vehicles with some exciting new products coming out. the camaro is slated to be here in feb. or so. the volt, the electric car is coming and the cruze a small car is coming soon.

    let me say one more thing. people are still driving cars. their current cars break beyond repair, they have wrecks, the need a vehicle to meet certain new found needs, or yes they just simply want something new.

    so, when the press puts out that the largest chevy dealer goes under you really need to ask why?


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