Thursday, September 11, 2008

Commenting on comments

I was trying to reject a couple comments for inappropriate language, and I accidentally axed about eight at one time. My apologies for the error.

By the way, I reject all comments that include swearing, or daily newspaper-style decoys for swearing like "s%$*" or "f'ing." I'm not a Puritan. I like swearing in most settings, especially family gatherings. But I'm trying to maintain a sense of lofty decorum in the comment section. It's nothing personal.

Unfortunately, there's no way for me to contact commentators if I reject something because I don't have your email. If you're wondering what happened to a comment, feel free to send me a personal email. (And swearing is fine in the emails.)


  1. No fudgin' problem. Shoot happens. Ya gotta admit though, that was some of my better work. The drag racing thing was scathing.

    Keep on keeping on...

  2. Smurfs, my apologies. I actually did shout "Oh fudge!" when it happened.


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