Sunday, September 14, 2008

The fate of Catholic churches

A source familiar with the negotiations on the fate of various Catholic parishes in the Flint area wrote in with this information:

"I have two confirmed reports if you are interested and want to post them on your website. The Diocese of Lansing website should release this information soon.

"In Flint, St. Mary's will cluster with St. Michael's. Both parishes will continue to function as separate parishes, but will employ only one priest, whom I assume to be the priest at St. Mary's, since Father Phil Gallagher, last acting pastor at St. Mike's, has recently retired from active duty.

"Most Blessed Sacrament, Burton, will merge with St. John, Davison, when deemed necessary. Most Blessed Sacrament Church will then become Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel. The church building at MBS will remain open only; all office duties, clubs, CCD, etc. revert to St. John's. When the priest at MBS is reassigned in the future — that is the "deemed necessary part — the parish will then merge with St. John's immediately."


  1. I drove by St Agnes today for the first time in about a month. It was pouring rain. The church is all boarded up-basically thrown away to the dying neighborhood to pillage. I was a member of St Mike's long ago---at least it's still a walkable venue. But other than the homeless, who still goes there?

  2. The additional decisions made by the Bishop are now on line at the Diocese Of Lansing website. Thank you Professor Young for the article. I'll update you with any additional info if available...


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