Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monir G. Alyatim, R.I.P.

Bryn Mickle of The Flint Journal reports:

Two people arrested in connection with the weekend slaying of a party store clerk were released from custody Friday.

A third man arrested is still being held on an unrelated probation violation.

The Genesee County Prosecutor's office said the men were released pending further investigation.

Police arrested the trio Wednesday night after searching two homes near Saba's Mini Mart where store clerk Monir G. Alyatim, 36, was killed Sunday night.

Surveillance video showed one suspect reaching over the bullet-resistant glass at the front counter and shooting Alyatim.

For more Flint Journal coverage go here.

The Flint Murder Map tracks homicides in the Vehicle City throughout the year. Please note that the map is incomplete and offers only a partial list of murder victims.


  1. Only a few blocks from my parents first little home on Trumbull Avenue- how sad to see what our little city has become.

  2. And just a couple of blocks from where I grew up on Bent Dr. I remember going there with my dad one cold night in late '69 or '70. My dad had to get something and I remember him talking and joking around with the guy who owned the place. When we got home my mother wasn't very happy he had gone there because the place had just been robbed a short time before. I guess the neighborhood was starting to get a little shaky back then, too.

  3. ...don't wanna sound like a jerk, but that store used to have THEE cheapest 40s in ye olde Flint. 89 cent Magnums, 99 cent Big Bears... useta be called Issa's... I got some vintage photos...

    Hey redgirl, did you know East Village Ted? He and his family (including dear old dad, Adolf Hitler... no jokes) lived on Woodhall

  4. Hey there worstside warlord, I'd LOVE to see some vintage photos of that store or the area! Can you send some to this site or are they posted somewhere? 'Fraid I missed out on the cheap 40s at that place: I opted for another route after someone pulled a gun on my dad at a stoplight right at the corner there, not to mention the time he was cut walking the dog in the forest. Amazing he lived as long as he did.

    Anyway, I know who you're talking about regarding East Village Ted. Yeah, he lived around the corner, had a sister who as I understood it was quite bright, but I knew nothing about his parents. As is often the case with sufferers of mental illness he was a thing of legend, with the kids in the neighborhood all telling their stories about him. The last time I saw him was years ago in the middle of winter standing on a street corner downtown wearing a poncho with his bare feet tucked in sandals made out of what looked like the rubber from a tire. I often wondered what ever became of him.

  5. ... by vintage I mean 1994 and by photos I mean photo. Sorry.

    Hey, did anyone see the footage of the murder in front of Sims Market at ALexander and Gillespie? The old school MSL sign is KRAZY. Never heard of that place before. Side street party stores give me an eerie feeling. You?


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