Monday, September 22, 2008

(Not) Street Legal

JMack at HoodHype comes through with a great shot of one of the most desirable cars at I.M.A. Safetyville — an orange mini Chevy.


  1. Does anyone know where you can buy those cars or replicas?

  2. OMFG!!!! BUY IT!!!!!

    Its in TEXAS!!!!!

    It's a RUPP MONZA SS... thats what you're lookin for!

  3. Did you know that my brother Matt rear-ended me in the Bank drive through in Safetyville? He was in a blue car and I was in a yellow car (I always picked a yellow car if they had one available-my favorite color). Anyway...he ran right in to the back of me. As soon as it happened I heard his sinister laugh and when I turned and looked behind me he said "Watch where you're going!" like it was my fault. Jerk:-)


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