Monday, May 11, 2009

Detroit Pistons in the News

Chuck Daly, who led the Detroit Pistons to two NBA titles and is often described as "the good guy behind the Bad Boys," died on Saturday.

And former Pistons star Dave Bing becomes the mayor of Detroit today.


  1. When I met my husband, via a phone call (in response to my letter, in response to his ad), I told him that I couldn't talk because the Pistons were maybe going to win the NBA championship. I was living in Boston, during the Larry Bird years. Laimbeer and Isiah were two of my favorite Pistons, but the former was considered an enemy by any Celtics fan. He (my now-husband) decided to try to meet me anyway. Today, I'm surprised whenever I watch the Pistons and Daly and his hair are NOT on the bench.

  2. In the early 1980's I lived at Knollwood Apartments. There was this tall, attractive young lady moving in across the hall. When I welcomed her to the building, she told me her dad found the apartment for her. She was delighted, because the location was in the center of her sales territory for Revlon Cosmetics. I asked what her dad did for a living and she said, "he's a coach." I thought maybe she would say he coached for Flint Kearsley or something. When pressed she went on to inform me he was head coach of the Detroit Pistons! My new neighbor was Cydney Daly the daughter of "Daddy Rich". She was a charming young lady who I lost track of after I moved a couple years later.

    Chuck was first class and so was she.


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