Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flint: Guantánamo North

President Obama plans to close Gitmo in Cuba, and Senator Carl Levin says relocation of the potential terrorists to Michigan might help the local economy. Why not Flint?

Josh Rogin at Congressional Quarterly reports:
"Most lawmakers view the prospect of moving prisoners from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, to their districts as a negative proposition. But at least one Democratic senator is open to the idea as a potential economic boost to his struggling state.

"Carl Levin , chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that construction and staffing at a new maximum-security prison in Michigan could help his cash-starved state.

“'If the governor and the local officials are open to it, that’s something that should be considered,' said Levin, making the point that each state should make its own determination."


  1. Why not? Michigan is already the dumping ground for Canada's garbage...

  2. Ya, just send dose guys upear to da UP. Dere not so tough. We got lotsa prisions already. Besides, once dey try a pasty, dey won't wanna go nowheres else anyways. You bet.

  3. How desperate are we that bringing a nest of terrorists to Michigan is somehow the solution to our problems?

    Levin and Stabenow, both Democrats, are an incredible disappoint for their complete lack of power in helping to save GM and Chrysler.

    Both of them should crawl in a hole, resign and let Gov. Granholm, another major disappointment, appoint two new Democrats willing to go toe-to-toe with the administration over the dismantling of a great company.

    This is NOT the change we voted for.

  4. I think Levin's analysis makes sense. I support the idea.

    Michigan is becoming a state that imports many more goods and services from other states and the rest of the world than it exports. Increasingly the bulk of our jobs are part of the importation-chain, and therefore facilitators of shipping what funds we have to other places.

    We need stable export-from-Michigan jobs..which of course means manufacturing with a cost or technological advantage over the rest of the world, and provision of services that are of use to the whole nation, are paid for with federal funds, and are located according to durable infrastructure.

    The Levin-proposal jobs of course would be in the latter category.

    There'd be no harm to the environment. A locale of pristine beauty wouldn't have to be despoiled for the construction. There wouldn't even be much impact on local many visitors could these folks get? And as widely noted, no one has ever escaped from a Supermax, so who cares why the incarcerees are there?

    The payroll is what matters. Bring it on.

  5. Americån Fåmily InsüranceMay 22, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    A nest of terrorists? C'mon Jim. Some of these dudes are hardcore maniacs fer sure, but so is Ronnie Johns. I'd be willing to bet a number of these "bad guys" are either innocent, rank amateurs, or just dumb lemmings. Doesn't matter though cuz we'll never know for certain. They're sooooooo dangerous they need to be locked up for the rest of their lives with no hearing, tribunal or trial by kangaroo kourt. After all, the 'merican just-us system works, right?

    Anyway, are we really so hopped up on Bruce Willis films and Jack Bauer that we honestly think these dudes are gonna escape from Kincheloe and pull a 9/11 on Sault Ste. Marie?

    I dunno. No one wants Khaled Sheik Muhammed living next door, but is every single Gitmo tear-wrist that much worse than the Pierson Hood Gang or Patsy Lou? Housing alleged terrorists would be a huge boost to our economy. Imagine the ridiculous federal largesse that could be heaped upon the downtrodden counties of the U.P. Ten guards for each and every venom spitting 'merica hater. I'm sure those kind-hearted pastie eaters up north have enough hate in their hearts to oppress a few hundred swarthy suicide bombers. Besides, you know whatever state volunteers to take these guys will receive bazillions just to insure they don't excape.

    To paraphrase G.W. bring 'em on.

  6. Wurstside?/Insurance, thanks for the laugh. Really and truly, the culture of fear that has grown in the U.S. is appalling. I agree, bring 'em on.

  7. Why not Flint? Wouldn't that be considered torture? It's at least cruel and unusual punishment. Hummm...


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