Friday, May 29, 2009

Flint Postcards: Kearsley Street

Thanks to Grumkin for passing this along.


  1. I think maybe Flint could use some more trees again. Any chance of that happening? Is there a tree budget somewhere?

  2. I was just looking at some current photos of Carriage Town, and it's amazing how much a few good trees can improve a neighborhood.

  3. Yeah, we have footage of Detroit St when it had trees... there's still one tree that I noticed on that Google street view... but am talking more like tree-lined streets.

    I suppose they went away when the phone lines came in.... plus ice storms, etc.

    Getting back to the post card though, I love how the guy talks about making a world record. It makes it sound like such an exciting time then.

    I guess there's alot about this post card that makes me think.... am not sure what... but I think that's why I like it.


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