Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maybe GM Needs to Bring Back Its Overtly Sexual Advertising to Improve Sales


  1. Gordon, what GM needs is more than advertising. Bring back the cars that were sex objects themselves. Give me a '50's Caddy with Dagmar Bumpers. Too young to know about that? Read this wonderful article from Hemmings Motor News:


  3. I don't know, as a woman I see the dude in the ad and he looks like he is about to drop the chick. So I would see this and think that a guy who owns a Buick is rather weak and can't support a woman. Thus, I would not buy a Buick, nor would I date a man with a Buick. So the ad does a disservice to the product it is trying to sell, and a disservice to the men who have bought a Buick. Perhaps I am over thinking on a vintage ad....


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