Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad Band Names Hall of Fame

Speaking of bands, these guys are from New Jersey, yet inexplicably decided to name their band Flint Michigan. That's sort of like a bunch of musicians from Flint naming their band Jersey City New Jersey. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In my expert opinion, I'd have to say the band Flint has much better hair than the band Flint Michigan.


  1. They certainly have some explaining to do, but perhaps not as much as that band of British geezers who came up with the improbable idea of naming themselves Asia.

  2. What about Bad Axe. That was Rusty Wright's 80s metal troupe.

    While the band Flint Michigan is mildly annoying, their square nature and bad hair redeem them from further ridicule. These guys COULD be from Flint... or at least Bay City.

    What I HATE is insufferable posers who latch on to Flint-related themes to give themselves street cred. Sujfin Stevens song about Flint tells me one thing. He never set foot in Flint. There was also some lame "alt-country" act called BR-495 who had some dumb song about Flint that actually sounded a lot more like Ann Arbore if you catch my drift.

  3. This is odd. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call themselves Davison Michigan.

    But then again, The Detroit Emeralds were from Little Rock, Arkansas.

    And THE Parliaments, rumored to be from Michigan and Ohio and closely associated with the Motown Sound and forerunners of Parliament/Funkadelic, were originally formed in New Jersey.

    New Jersey can't really claim superiority over Michigan. They have many of the same problems, including organized crime.

  4. And don't forget those Scottish lads named the Bay City Rollers -- who's first appearances were on the ABC short-lived variety series "Saturday Night Live" starring Howard Cosell.

    (And if you allow me to digress -- Yes, the show was called "Saturday Night Live" and it was done live from the Ed Sullivan Theater. The late night NBC show with Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner and John Belushi was actually called "Saturday Night" -- they didn't pick up "Live" in their title until much later).

  5. I remember reading that they came up with Bay City by spinning the globe and pointing to a location.


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