Monday, May 31, 2010

Flint Reporting Project Update

The Flint Reporting Project has raised $714 from 22 donors toward the $5,000 goal. Thanks to Joe, Lori, Anne, Keith, Bruce, Kristen, Brian, Becky, Jeff, Peter, Richard, John, Sarah, Uncle Buck, Gregory, Aaron, Rick, Richard, Stephen J., John, Chris, Howard and Stephen C.

Donate to the Flint Reporting Project and help Flint Expatriates cover the Vehicle City


  1. Question. . . If the goal is not met, what happens to the money? Are you doing any other fund raising or are you putting all your eggs in this basket? We all know how that went for Flint with GM.

  2. Well, I'm planning to use whatever comes in to offset the expenses of the trip. Realistically, I'm guessing I won't hit the $5,000 goal, so the donations are likely going to cover the real costs of getting to Flint. My airfare was shockingly $600!

  3. If you fly on Wednesday's it's always cheaper. Also book 20 days ahead. Also, when searching on "expedia, priceline, travelocity" look at the lowest rate and the airline. Then call or website that airline directly with the same itinarary. You may be supprised. Or if you are using a travel agent.. Then good luck to ya.

  4. Rob has it right....My daughter will fly out of SFO on tues.July 6th to Minn-St Paul, then to Marquette,Mi. Back same route to San Fran. on Sun. July 18th...Travel was booked on May 8th with Expedia for $39340. There is lot of meals and car rental savings in the $200.00 difference. Just sayin...

  5. I have a hunch that you are going to be in some pretty fast company about the time you arrive in Flint. It would seem that the way things are going there, you may have plenty of negative along with your positive reporting. You will have an edge though, because you know the territory. Now,if you can just generate some more $$$ toward the "Flint Reporting Project" between now and the end of June, you wont go back SF a skinnier fella. Good luck my man.

  6. Well, I donated once before.. Although it was not for this project. More, the project that leads to this new spin off marketing project.

    If the goal is not reached. Surly this will loosened the strings around Mr. Youngs coffers. Maybe we should all give Gordon Young a hip, hip for this new effort that will further secure the future of this blog.

    Considering the financials of operating a relatively free blogging site.

    Think About it.

  7. Howdy Rob, Thanks again for the earlier donation. I appreciate it. And keep the comments coming. It's pretty clear I won't reach my lofty goal, but the donations have covered my plane ticket, which is a huge help.

  8. I was trying to make my way to Flint on the 6th.. Yeah, that's not going to happen now.. I'll be around town near the 20th.. All in all.. I am very excited!!

    If you have not gone to the sit down strikers memorial.. You have too... It's really worth viewing.. Good place to think about Flint and write. My great grandfather was a sitdowner. His name is on a brick by the big marble globe.. It's the same as mine.. Check it out.

    Hope you make your goal.. If i have more in my paypal.. I'd send it.


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