Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lunch Time at Flint Central High School in 1939

Judith Collins provided this 1939 photo of her mom, Alma McArthur Youmans, running the register at Flint Central High School during lunch hour. Alma was a student at Whittier at the time, and she's 87 now and still in great health.


  1. My dad, 78 this year, says he remembers a lame roller-coaster being at "Flint Park." I do not remember a Flint Park.

  2. Keeping the prospective, I went to Central for two of my four yrs. in HS. Later, worked at Whittier and Central.. That said, I remember the rickety old roller coaster at Flint Park. On a still summer night, you could hear the screams and clattering rails ten miles away. I loved it and the roller skating too. Flint's own carny experience, midway and all. Pretty cheesy for the adults, but the kids really enjoyed it.

  3. It was an amusement park on the north side, by Devil's Lake (more formally known as Flint Park Lake). Here are some folks' memories of it. I don't remember much about it, because it shut down when I was six years old, but my grandmother lived a couple blocks from it, on Baldwin near Dupont.

  4. One of probably many mentions here:



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