Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Sofas of San Francisco

Flint has its abandoned houses. San Francisco has its abandoned couches.


  1. Gordo,

    As a former S.F. denizen I have to pose the question: How long did you have to stake out those sofas waiting for the homeless to wake up?

    How about starting up a new fund raiser to send out a couple of MSU undergrads to burn those babies up. Those couches look like they would pollute a landfill.

  2. I love the comment about MSU and couch burning. Good old MSU <3

  3. The homeless sofas seem to outnumber the homeless people in SF.

  4. geewhy...Probably won't find any of those couches in the Tenderloin dist. eh? Sixth and Mission might have a couple. I heard of one that was mounted to a deconstruction bldg, along with other pieces of furniture climbing up the wall. I googled for a picture or story about it, but no results. Wonder what the ratio is between number of sofas and number of homeless.

  5. Defenestration: House of falling furniture. Artist: Brian Goggin. These pictures are really neat and worth checking out if the building is still there.


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