Sunday, June 27, 2010

Settling into an Isetta 300


My friend Duane Gillis spotted a BMW Isetta 300 hiding out at the Sloan Auto Fair among all the American muscle cars and chrome-laden G.M. classics. The owner, who drove in from Flushing and said he once got the 300 up to 58 m.p.h., was offering free rides. How can you say no to that?


  1. Was that Kelly Leak from The Bad News Bears who walked in front of the camera about midway through? And why doesn't it surprise me that they're playing the J. Geils band at an auto show in Flint?

  2. I thought I saw you at the show, though I didn't want to come up and introduce myself. I figured if I was wrong, it would be awkward, and if I were right, it might be creepy.

  3. Too funny! I always wondered what that car was called. I remember seeing it in that Peter Cook - Dudley Moore "Bedazzled" movie.

  4. I was bedazzled when we went over a speed bump with the non-existent suspension. My back is still aching.

    And J.L., you should have said something to me. It's can anything you do seem creepy?

  5. I hope your back is better. Did the driver say,"Did I do that?" when you hit the speed bump?


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