Friday, June 18, 2010

Flint Photos: Corner of Humboldt and Parkhurst


  1. That's the mellow part of that street. As you venture up the street toward Dayton St. and where Double D market used to be it looks like WWII Berlin, or Baghdad. It looks like a war zone.
    I have a friend/customer who still owns a home on that street. I asked him "WHY?" well he's been there a long time and spends most of his time at his lady friend's house.
    That's pretty understandable. I know in the last couple of years we were on Bassett we did everything we could not to be home. That is very sad when you would rather be anywhere other than your own home because of your surroundings.
    I've heard several excuses given by people who live in these areas and they tend to blame everyone else for the blight and neglect in their neighborhoods. Granted most are renting but there seems to be no pride in anything.

  2. My parents live there still. I grew up there. My mom just loves her house, and doesn't want to leave.


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