Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flint Photos: Wigs, Disguises, Herzogs and Bishop Airport

In the late seventies, the Herzog family had a tradition of meeting friends and relatives at Bishop Airport in getups like these to amuse and confound them.

Stephen Herzog: Pinball wizard and toupee aficionado.


  1. That is really neat. Good idea too! Man, I really miss the pinball machines. The little party store in the circle drive neighborhood used to have two- three pin ball machines.. If going up to Freeman to play basketball got old, there was pin ball at the "little store".

  2. Oh, that would never fly in the post 9/11 world.

  3. Stephen, Mary, et al. Ahh, yes. You kooks were meeting ME at Bishop Airport coming home for Christmas from the University of Utah, 1975. I was so excited to come home! Imagine my delight when I recognized you in full Herzog regalia! Yes! They love me! They really really love me!


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