Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flint's Serial Killer

The Detroit News reports:
Flint Police are searching for a man they believe has attacked 12 vulnerable African-American males over three months, with no apparent reason other than to kill.

"He's killed five people," said Flint Police Sgt. J. Leigh Golden. "He's just killing them, not robbing them."

The latest victim was Arnold Minor, 49, stabbed to death early Monday on the city's south side, near Saginaw Street where several of the assaults have occurred.


  1. The WDIV-TV coverage of this story is downright silly. Twice they showed Italia Gardens without explaining what that had to with the story, if anything. There was crime scene tape around the parking lot with no explanation. SIX TIMES they zoomed in on dirt on the sidewalk, apparently near the police station, not the crime scene. This is typical of the coverage Flint stories get on Detroit Media. It's "quick, look away from Detroit, Flint is worse, everybody. Pay no attention to the crime south of 8 Mile."

  2. It is too bad that this is happening. Perhaps a racist with pent up rage towards African-Americans? Teabagger gone wrong?

  3. In a time when each story is developed and reported so that someone can spin it politically, I think it is too early to speculate on a motive or label political opponents "racist" or "Tea Partier". Just the fact that you have used the term "Teabagger" indicates an intense prejudice in and of itself.

    Remember Chief Moose and his famous "White Man in a White Van" suspect in the DC Sniper Shootings? Neither the suspects nor the vehicle turned out to be white.

    Again, let's get the facts before we do someone else's political sniping.

  4. The sketch of the killer strongly resembles the sketch of the man who recently committed crimes in Monticello and Paxton Illinois. In one of his crimes he threatened a woman with a knife and sexually assaulted her.

  5. You EXPECT this sort of thing in Battle Creek, but not in Flint.

  6. In a Detroit News story, the suspect in the Flint stabbings has finally been identified as Elias Abu Elazam, a Palestinian immigrant from Israel.

    He hardly sounds like "a racist with pent up rage towards African-Americans" or a
    "'Teabagger' gone wrong".

    I warned in a previous comment that has not been posted not to jump to conclusions about the suspect, and not to politicize it.


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