Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fires and Their Aftermath

The apartment building at 617 S. Grand Traverse burned in December of 2009. Earlier this month, it was demolished. Thanks to Mike Sargent of Sargent's Title for the photos.


  1. Mike,

    Thanks for posting and a hearty thanks to your father and his staff for the work they sent my way over the years.

    Now, please enlighten us by perusing your records. What local business stalwart of the community owned the building at the time of the 'unexplained' fire and did this unfortunate individual also have the misfortune to suffer previous 'unexplained' fires in the same locale albeit a couple decades apart?


  2. Let's be fair here. From what I remember, it was an accidental fire, and more than one person had to be rescued from the building. I don't think it was suspicious, or an arson, at all.


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