Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Drumbeat of the Early Eighties

Flint Expatriate Shawn Chittle wades deep into Hall & Oates, Footloose and Toni Basil to discover "the drumbeat of the early eighties" and, by extension, a core component of Our Lady of Lebanon dances.


  1. What was up with Toni Basil's weird cheerleader/drum major aesthetic?

  2. Even without playing it, that "Mickey" song is in my head. Curse you Toni Basil!!!

  3. Toni was a cheerleader in high school so she did that entire video like that..

  4. Shawn! Thank you so much for finding that beat from H&O! As an H&O superfan I was so impressed that someone took a deep cut such as "Africa" to show the drum beat DNA for that decade! "Footloose" is even in the same tempo! With Loggins and H&O being of the same "pop" genre, I wonder if Loggins did indeed hear that song and moved forward with it? It's a fairly simple beat, but so wild that it's basically the same! Thanks again!


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