Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flint Photos: 1926 Fire

This photo from April 23, 1926 shows the State Theatre with a fire in the background. I'm sure someone out there can fill us in on what was burning.


  1. A long forgotten memory of some sort just said "Heitzner's". Now I wasn't around in 1926, and I don't know if that is right. It just seems like something I heard when I was a kid. unclebuck? JWilly? Liz Baker? Do you remember hearing anything like that?

  2. That looks to be "The Dryden Building" that is on fire (601 S. Saginaw St., Corner of Saginaw and 2nd St.).

    Here is a bad picture of the same side of the building as in the 1926 photo:

  3. I think Heitzner's was in what is now called the Dryden Building. The name Dryden Building also came to me later last night. As I recall, the building had 5 floors, at least reached by the elevator. It seems like there was a lobby that was separate from what was on the first floor, which was Heitzner's at one time. It looks like 5 or 6 stories from the picture.

    Does anyone know what Heitzner's sold? Seems like it was linens or something like that.

  4. The word millenery also comes to mind in association with Heitzner's. That word is associated with the sales and production of primarily women's hats.


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