Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Flint Icon in San Francisco

I was walking near my office in San Francisco today when I spotted this 1960 Buick Electra 225 convertible. It's owned by Ted Gigler, who stores it in his auto body shop. He bought it about 35 years ago for $900.

All original interior, although Ted did swap the worn driver's seat with the passenger seat.

Pretty much the original engine and components except for the battery pulled out of a Mercedes.

Proof of the Flint pedigree. "This car finished with Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer. Body by Fisher."

Ted's other car...a Pontiac GTO.

Hard to miss these taillights.


  1. Are you sure Ted's not a flint expat? He sure looks like it.

  2. These cars are large part of what made Flint a well known city in the years when I was growing up (50's and 60's). Flint was definitely a shop town,... Fisher Body, Chevy Truck Plant, Buick, AC, etc.

  3. Oh, that "proof of a Flint pedigree" shot made my heart do a little flip-flop -- this town used to have class, I tell you. And may still again, who knows, but let's face it, that Buick Electra was SEXY. Sigh...

  4. That my friend is a deuce and a quarter


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