Friday, July 22, 2011

Flint Photos: Homedale Park?

This mini park, for lack of a better term, was once home to Homedale School, a victim of the Flint arson spree. Gerry Godin, creator of the All Things Buick blog, shot this from the corner of Davison Rd. and Iowa Ave. today.


  1. I have worked out of that area for the past 22 years and I must say the neighborhood in the general vicinity of the late Homedale School is sad and somber. Burned out buildings, closed businesses, and empty lots which housed many residents now thrive on the eastside and reminds us of a time of overall happiness and security. As for Flint "rising from the ashes", let's wait and see. I for one doubt it will happen.

  2. OMG....I just found this. I went to nursery school there 50-53 (located in the basement). So sad.

  3. My date for the Central High School Senior Prom in 1966 lived just behind Homedale Elementary, on Broadway.


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