Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where Are the Readers?

A reader wondered about who's reading Flint Expatriates. Well here's a the top ten list of unique visitors by state, and the top ten cities within michigan, since the blog launched in the fall of 2007:


Michigan 153,486

California 26,686

New York 16,356

Illinois 14,809

Florida 12,066

Georgia 8,890

Massachusetts 8,243

Texas 7,775

Ohio 6,345

North Carolina 5,335

Michigan Cities (Not sure why Google Analytics came up with two Flint entries):

Flint 20,009

Flint 15,716

Grand Blanc 5,238

Linden 4,497

Southfield 4,367

Lansing 2,924

Southfield 2,837

Macomb 2,509

Grand Blanc 2,474

Fenton 2,225


  1. The whole city by city breakdown seems odd. If Southfield means all of Oakland, then maybe. Why not Troy or Rochester? Is Macomb the whole county or the township? Why not other Flint suburbs?

  2. I live in Burton and read it. Great by the way!

  3. Yeah, the breakdown is great as long as you don't look at it too closely. Not sure why they list Flint and Grand Blank twice, for example.

  4. Feh! Am I the only one from Delaware? Can't be! ;-)

  5. I have a feeling that Google Analytics is using some kind of centralized "hubs" in their reporting. I suspect that there are two hubs for Flint and Grand Blanc. I suspect that Southfield and Macomb are hubs for even larger regions. I'm surprised that there are no Ann Arbor, Detroit, or Traverse City hubs listed.

  6. My understanding is that Google Analytics uses U.S.P.O. locale descriptors. Burton is defined as Flint Southeast Station...which is the old name for the Burton main post office, from when it was a dinky suburban branch in the rural area known as Burton Township.

    I don't know specifically how the Grand Blanc area is set up, but I'd bet it's another zip code split from the old old days.

  7. Tulsa, Oklahoma here. Considering the number of Michigan Expatriates in this state we should be listed. We're probably grouped in with Texas. That'll grind a few gears. I love your bites of nostalgia. It makes me feel at home when I can't be.

  8. England across the Atlantic sea checking in too!


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