Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visions of Suburbia

Flint Expatriates hasn't exactly been kind to proponents of suburban living over the years, so I thought it was time to devote at least one post to non-city life. I was driving down Hill Road in Grand Blanc the other day and was struck by how dated the early suburbs are looking, and how small many of the houses seem compared to more contemporary suburban McMansions. And by the care still devoted to the subdivision entry points.

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  1. I remember that several subdivisions had their own "song" used in radio commercials on WFDF.

    Concord Green,
    Concord Green,
    The most gracious living,
    You've ever seen.

    Your living will be better,
    Better at Bella Vista.

    Does anyone have tapes of these and other Flint artifacts?


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