Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glen Rice and Sarah Palin: The Oddest Couple of All?

Glen Rice, a star at Flint Northwestern High School, the University of Michigan and the NBA clearly had a lot of fans during his long career, including, it seems, Sarah Palin. New York Magazine reports:
One might have assumed that after three years of glaring media attention, all of Sarah Palin's skeletons had been whisked out of the closet by now. But Joe McGinniss — the well-known author who moved in next to the Palin family as he worked on his soon-to-released exposé, The Rogue: Searching for The Real Sarah Palin — apparently found out some pretty good stuff. And by "pretty good," we mean some of the most salacious things you could possibly imagine. According to the National Enquirer, which talked to "[p]ublishing sources familiar with the contents" of the book:

Palin had a one-night stand in 1987 with future NBA All-Star Glen Rice while he was junior at the University of Michigan. Just a rumor? Not exactly. "McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand," the Enquirer says. Furthermore, "Todd was very much in the picture at the time and the couple married just nine months later."


  1. In today's world, this is a resume enhancer for Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin also endorsed Flint native Stephen Broden in a United States House of Representatives Texas election in Fall, 2010.

    Guess you can't use the "R" word on Sarah Palin!

  2. Well, I've already posted considerable snark on Mlive about this. I'll only add that even in his youth, Glen was always known for his ability to score.

  3. lol on the Palin photo... too funny.

  4. I have been following the Palin story for several years. All will soon be known, especially the fake pregnancy. There are some great blogs out there with more info than lame press is willing to take on. They would rather report the news of the celebs. This woman is a fraud. Was Rice so hard up for a woman he fell for this? Stupid boy.

  5. What never ceases to amaze me is that, depending on one's political point of view, one is willing to accept conspiracy theories that conform to one's point of view, and completely reject equally believable conspiracy theories that don't conform to one's point of view. If you are a "truther", logic would dictate that you should also be a "birther" and also believe in other cover ups under Clinton as well as Bush. But alas, many here are just Palin Haters. And they can't see their own hypocrisy.

  6. The Sarah Palin Flint connection thing I am more concerned about is how quick she was to condemn Flint native and Alaska State Representative Peter Kott after his conviction. Nicholas Marsh, the Prosecutor of both Peter Kott and the late Senator Stevens, committed suicide after evidence of prosecutorial misconduct in these and other cases was presented. The last I heard, there was supposed to be a new trial for Kott. Too late for Senator Stevens, I guess.

  7. Conspiracy theories? Um, Glen Rice confirmed this incident. And I haven't noticed Palin suing the author for libel or Rice for slander. I'd say this one is pretty clear cut. It happened. (Has Palin even bothered denying it?) Besides, why is this considered a negative thing for Palin? So she slept with a guy in her twenties when she wasn't married. What's the big deal?

  8. The important point is, Sarah Palin has not confirmed the incident.

    But I see some posters are going way beyond and talking about fake pregnancies and such. To the political crowd, we are in inbred "flyover country", and that now includes Alaska I guess. Mainstream politicians regard us as something out of "Deliverance", and deserving of the same kind of political treatment Ned Beatty got in the movie. That is the very reason Sarah Palin is such a breath of fresh air and is so popular in "flyover country". She doesn't treat us like "banjo boys".

  9. Dude, do you seriously think she's going to confirm it? That's not the important point at all. You know this happened. My question is why you view it as a negative attack on her?

    Besides, check the polls. She's profoundly unpopular, even in flyover country, as you call it. Hell, she's even unpopular among self-identified republicans. Even her reality show was unpopular. She'd be the easiest Republican for Obama to defeat. So if you love her politics, you should be hoping some other Republican who shares her agenda gets the nomination, because she would get crushed. Not saying this to attack her, just pointing out reality.

    Here's a rundown on her standing in the polls:

  10. Regarding the Sarah Palin fake pregnancy "conspiracy theory", one of the things discussed is Trisomy 21, the proper term for Down Syndrome. Here is a link that shows that it is much more likely that the mother would have the Trisomy 21 child.

    I took Human Genetics in college. I'm not a flyover country "banjo boy". I immediately knew that the story of the fake pregnancy was seriously flawed.

  11. Looks like it's time to cut the comments off on this gem! I was hoping for more sexual/basketball innuendo.

  12. Compiled from facebook:

    "Rice, Rice, Baby!" - Sarah Palin
    "I was on him like white on rice" - SP
    "the rice man commeth, but does not calleth" - SP

    Innuendo mission accomplished!

  13. i have a question. Other than Glenn Rice being a black man and Sarah Palin a white woman. What the hell is the big deal? So what? Why is America so easily perverted by a piece of information which really has nothing to do with anyone other than those two people. Would you like to know the answer? This is such a big thing, because Sarah Palin was with a black guy that ended up in the NBA. Sad.. im moving to canada

  14. Alaska Politics And Flint ExpatriatesNovember 5, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    What else does Alaska politics have to do with Flint small e expatriates? Currently Mark Begich is trailing Dan Sullivan in the Alaska senate race, but refuses to concede.

    Several years ago, Flint Expatriate Pete Kott defeated Mark Begich in a lower level election. Pete Kott was an outsider, a carpetbagger, to native Alaskan Mark Begich. Trumped up charges were made against Pete Kott and Senator Stevens and others. Kott and Stevens were convicted, and Stevens lost the Senate race. No less than Attorney General Holder tried to get the convictions overturned and a new trial for Kott due to prosecutorial misconduct by Nick Marsh, who allegedly committed suicide. Stevens' conviction was overturned posthumously. He was no longer a political threat. Alaska officials refused to dismiss the charges against Peter Kott, and he ended up pleading to lesser charges for time served. Kott's fast track political career was over though. Enter Dan Sullivan.

    The Begich brothers have been political insiders since their father's plane went down with Senator Hale Boggs and both were presumed dead. It's extremely complicated, but you see what happens when a Flint expatriate got in the way. The message is clear. If you leave Flint, keep a low political profile. The Begiches of the world are very powerful. It's a lot warmer in Flint anyway.


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