Monday, February 6, 2012

Halftime in America

A little heavy handed, perhaps, but I found this a lot more compelling than the actual game.


  1. Having seen the movie Gran Torino, I was a little surprised that the spot was for Chrysler, not Ford.

    Michigan Maid Madge looked good on the halftime show, but she can afford a lot of plastic surgery.

  2. I loved it and it says a lot about the American resolve. We can fight back if we have a level playing field. So contact your congress person and tell them to stop giving tax breaks to companies that take our jobs out of this country! Stand up people, remember we are
    "WE THE PEOPLE!!!"

  3. You don't get whimsical and lighthearted from a character like Walt Kowalski, nor should you expect to.

  4. For a fraction of the cost Flint City hall has lost over the last 10 years. The city could run it's own super bowl ad... I am not sure what they would say. But maybe something like.. Come on back, we are creating jobs and it's gonna be great!

    I think Clint Eastwood is a great advocate for describing Michigan's legacy and future. Loved the AD.

  5. Karl Rove was offended by the commercial.

    Why is everything politicized in this country today? It was a good commercial. A reminder that hope and promise can create anything.

  6. The Academic Community is almost 100% Liberal and hates the American Auto Industry, and drives imports almost exclusively, so it's not just Conservatives who probably didn't like the ad.

    I guess Clint likes Chrysler, but Walt liked Ford.


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