Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jon Stewart and Michigan: A Love Story

Jon Stewart gets dirty with Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsula on The Daily Show. Watch it here at the 1:48 mark.


  1. It's just another hand puppet animation example of the flyover country, Ned Beatty Deliverance treatment, that Michigan gets from the media and political elites on both ends of the political spectrum.

    1. I wasn't offended by this clip. In fact, I had a nice chuckle and then rolled over and went to sleep. You're a big hit in our house. Go Jon!

  2. A gentleman much wiser than me once posited:

    Since the lower pennisula is shaped like a hand, does that mean you are flipping the world's largest middle finger when you drive north across the Mighty Mac?

  3. Any youtube link? it says you can't view outside of the U.S.

  4. I hunted around and couldn't find it on youtube. It's a shame other countries can't enjoy The Daily Show.


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