Thursday, September 6, 2012

A.C. Spark Plug/Delphi Demolition


  1. Do I correctly recall seeing somewhere that the Flint Faience Tile signwork from the Dort-and-Davison entrance was salvaged?

    1. This indicates they were saved:

  2. They are doing the same thing around Detroit. Plants are spread out in different towns so there is not as much outcry, or people don't notice when just one local plant closes and is torn down. There are also Ford/Visteon plants being torn down. Same issues, including environmental, are involved in the often painfully slow demolitions.

  3. I will post the link for where you can purchase the demolition video for A.C. by Leonard Thygesen on your facebook site.

  4. Connecting the dots with another thread, the duPont facilities that were moved from Flint to Troy and Mt. Clemens have been sold because auto finishes businesses are not doing that well. It is a matter of great concern to local officials in Mt. Clemens that the plant will be closed as has happened to Delphi and Visteon plants.

    Local politicians and officials, labor unions, small businesses, and professionals whose livelihood depends on these plants frankly no longer believe the promises of the leaders of those businesses who sell off and buy these divisions. They've seen what happens too many times. A service and government worker based economy never works forever. It needs value added manufacturing to generate the wealth needed to sustain a healthy economy.


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