Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Space Vehicle City

Extraterrestrials take note: Flint is not necessarily a friendly environment. Ron "Space Cowboy" Fonger of The Flint Journal reports:
Just weeks after a man told police he spotted an unidentified flying object above the Rave theaters in Flint Township, three more sightings — one each in the Flint, Flushing and Grand Blanc areas — have been made to the Mutual UFO Network.

This month alone, 13 online reports from the county have been made to MUFON, ranging from randomly flashing, multi-colored lights to to a large, glowing object to a bright orange light hovering above tree tops.

"I believe a great deal of the reason for the ever-growing number of reports is growing popularity of both UFOs and MUFON in general," said Robert Nolan, chief investigator with MUFON, who said he may visit the county this weekend to have a look around for himself.


  1. Will they go to the Flint Police when their spacecraft gets stolen?

  2. My house has multi-colored lights strung all along the roofline and across the bushes. It must be a UFO.

    Well, actually it's a house and not flying, so I guess it's a UHO (Unidentified House Object).

    > ...said Robert Nolan, chief investigator with MUFON <

    I think if I was a Chief Investigator and it was December, I'd be about ready to go check out those reports coming in from Florida or maybe the Bahamas.

  3. Back in the late 80s some UFO special reported on black helicopters and UFOs along Flushing Rd. between Flint and Flushing.


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