Friday, January 11, 2013

Flint Photos: N. Dort Highway & Groveland Avenue, Then and Now

Once again, thanks to Shawn Chittle for another great photo of Flint.


  1. That son, is the Village of Wolves.

    1. Hey, we haven't talked about the Village of the wolves in a while...

  2. VoW was cutting edge urban grit from the get go. Urban farming interspersed with junkyards comingling with vast greenspace whilst zombies roam about. Zombies are still "in", right?

    I can do without the dead dogs though.

    This is a over-educated lefty urban planning professor's dream. All that is missing is some goofy performance art and some repurposed shipping containers. Any chance Uptown Development will venture here next?

  3. Dr. Cecil HathawayJanuary 13, 2013 at 2:50 PM

    Were VoW zombies around back in '48. I'm guessing yes. Seems like they were decades ahead of trendy modern zombie walks.

    Seriously, isn't it weird that there is a decades old small (subsistence?) farming community within the city limits? What do these zombies grow? I'm guessing walnuts or Brussel sprouts- both kinda resemble brains. Where do they sell their products? How can they possibly make a profit? Is this neighborhood zoned for agriculture?


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