Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Chevy Chevette Lives in San Francisco

Full venting to feed that powerful Engine!

How often to you get the chance to behold a near-mint Chevy Chevette basking in the California sun? This dent- and rust-free example of G.M.'s pathetic inspired approach to small cars was spotted on Mission Street near Cesar Chavez.

Ah, such sleek lines!

Rear bumper? Standard! No expense was spared.


  1. a 1978 Chevette... I wonder if its the High output model?

    What a gem... GM at its finest... err maybe not, although they sold exceedingly well.

  2. Just add a pinch of salt, and watch it dissolve. This was GM at the peak of Rodger Smith and the "throw away car" business model. What a notorious rust bucket. Funny how corrosion is almost a non-issue now. And when was the last time you replaced an exhaust system? Shows what they can do if they want to, or have to. Cars and trucks of all brands are so much better today, its almost impossible to compare. So much for the good old days.

  3. say all you want but that was the chariot that delivered kirby keopke and i from flint to oakland in 1986...

  4. I owned one just like this for eight years, a good car but the floors rusted out!It was easy to get drive in the snow! This brings back many memories!

  5. I had one of these worst car I ever owned. Had no power. Did have AC but if you turned it on the motor would die...I wrecked it...thank god!

  6. Torrey Hammerberg XIIApril 7, 2014 at 4:45 PM

    He was a car tipper. One way ticket yeah. It took me no time to find out. I found out.

    Are the police looking for Gordo for involvement in the recent rash of car tipping? After all, he frequently posts pictures of unusual cars (such as American made cars made in Flint) seen in San Francisco on his Flint Expatriates Website. It would seem likely that the tiny foreign so called "Smart Cars" would be a great target for turning upside down for interesting pictures to post!

    Circumstantial? I think not!,0,562252.story#axzz2yFJEhkc2

  7. Torrey Hammerberg XIIApril 7, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    Further internet sleuthing has determined that at least one of these car tippings happened within two blocks of Gordo's domicile. We're closing in. If you just confess, we'll try to plea bargain it down to loitering or jaywalking. But if these "Smart Cars" are so smart, why didn't they just drive themselves away when they saw the eight people in hoodies coming at them?

  8. More car tipping pictures and hand wringing videos. You should have bought a car made in Flint!


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