Thursday, March 6, 2014

Louis Chevrolet: America's First Hipster?


  1. If Louis Chevrolet were alive today, he wouldn't have invested in Flint. He'd be too busy hanging out in Greek Town Taverns, and Traverse City Bistros with Michael Moore and the Friends of WNMC-FM. Louis Chevrolet should come back and haunt people who call Chevrolet Flint Manufacturing "Chevy In The Hole".

  2. A handlebar moustache in 1901 or whatever was the fashion. Chevrolet was a square ass big businessman. Handlebar moustaches in 2014 are hipster cliches that even the biggest squares goof on.

    Having said that Flint is s behind the curve that handlebar moustaches are probably considered hip. Whether Flint is 113 or 10 years behind the curve is the question.


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