Saturday, June 13, 2015

Exile and Banishment

"It was the banishment from youth into age. For youth is our biological and physiological homeland. There, we know our way. And even if in our nostalgic memories the sun shines where it was actually dark, still we are familiar with the pitfalls and perils of youth. We know how to live in that homeland with good and bad — how to master it, anyway, better than we know how to navigate the foreign country of age into which we are expelled."
— Frederic Morton

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  1. How true this is. How very true. I often feel adrift. Answers are few, uncertainties flood the day, one's path is frequently hard to navigate. Yet it can still be and often is a beautiful world and individual days and relationships have meaning. Check out the Eschatalogical Laundry List by Sheldon Kopp. It often comforts me. Items 9 through 13 in particular.


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