Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ways of Going Home

"I watch the cars, I count the cars. It's overwhelming to think that in the backseats children are sleeping, and that every one of those children will remember, someday, the old car they rode in years before, with their parents."

Ways of Going Home, Alejandro Zambra


  1. Oh, man.. I drove one of these for a couple of years when I was between decent cars. I couldn't afford anything and Mom wanted to get something a little nicer, so I inherited her wagon. What a horrible car this was. Underpowered, sluggish, and you activated the horn by pushing in on the turn signal. When I finally was able to get a decent used SUV, the dealer wouldn't take this in trade and I couldn't find a buyer. I donated it to a nonprofit which was going to fix it up and use it, but they couldn't afford to make everything that was wrong right again. So they gave it to a client, and he got it impounded for some traffic violation, and we go a letter from the city because the title had never been switched from Mom's name. It was one of those times when you're glad your brother's a lawyer.

    All of which is to say, Gordon, I miss you, dude, and you have a great blog.

    1. I've often wished I had a brother who was a lawyer. Miss you too, man. I was just talking to my old roommate Mick Normington about the journalism scene in Little Rock. We were lucky to be there.


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