Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season's Greetings from Flint Expatriates


  1. I just bought your book after reading the first three chapters in my library copy. I'm a fan of the blog and our stories run in parallel as I was born in Flint in 1965, grew up off Clio Road near Blain Buick, white-flighted out to Flushing in 1971, then thanks to the Reagan recession, up to Alpena of all places in 1982. CMU for a history teaching degree in 1988, a few years in Escanaba, then grad school back in Mt P, followed by years in Germany and Scotland before landing a teaching gig at the Interlochen Arts Academy in 1998--your transAtlantic job search struck a chord. I get to Flint a couple times a year to eat pizza at Luigis and catch up with one of my grad school friends who landed there. I'm looking forward to finishing your book---and I'll like to extend an offer to come to Interlochen and discuss it with my students in the Liberal Arts Division--I bet the creative writers would want to meet you as well. I'll make the arrangements if you're interested. Thanks for keeping Flint in my thoughts. Brian McCall

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