Thursday, January 23, 2020

Flint, Meet Murakami

Sound familiar?

"The town was home to many kinds of people. In the eighteen years I lived there I learned a great deal. My emotional roots are there, and almost all my memories are connected to the place. Nevertheless, the spring I entered university, I heaved a deep sigh of relief when I left.

I still come back for spring and summer vacation, but basically all I do is drink beer."

— Haruki Murakami, "Hear the Wind Sing," 1979


  1. Take 1: Get lost, real 'toids don't need you nostalgia goofs with your fond memories of Sciapacassee's and Mann Hall Park Bingo Tournaments. Real G's from Haruki's hometown agree fo' sho.

    Take 2: If all of you college goofs would have stuck around instead of "finding yourself" in Ann Arbore, Flint coulda been like a cooler version of Paris in the 1920s. Right, Haruki?

    Take 3: Put down that 40 of Colders 29 and get learnt. The avant garde is here and now: while you're getting drunk on brewski like it is 1952 the future of post-creative thought is happening in Flint RIGHT NOW. Yo Haruki, toodle on over to Epsilon Trail if you need some inspirational resuscitation.


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