Thursday, January 23, 2020

Flint, Meet Murakami

Sound familiar?

"The town was home to many kinds of people. In the eighteen years I lived there I learned a great deal. My emotional roots are there, and almost all my memories are connected to the place. Nevertheless, the spring I entered university, I heaved a deep sigh of relief when I left.

I still come back for spring and summer vacation, but basically all I do is drink beer."

— Haruki Murakami, "Hear the Wind Sing," 1979


  1. Take 1: Get lost, real 'toids don't need you nostalgia goofs with your fond memories of Sciapacassee's and Mann Hall Park Bingo Tournaments. Real G's from Haruki's hometown agree fo' sho.

    Take 2: If all of you college goofs would have stuck around instead of "finding yourself" in Ann Arbore, Flint coulda been like a cooler version of Paris in the 1920s. Right, Haruki?

    Take 3: Put down that 40 of Colders 29 and get learnt. The avant garde is here and now: while you're getting drunk on brewski like it is 1952 the future of post-creative thought is happening in Flint RIGHT NOW. Yo Haruki, toodle on over to Epsilon Trail if you need some inspirational resuscitation.


Thanks for commenting. You might enjoy my book about Flint called "Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City," a Michigan Notable Book for 2014 and a finalist for the 33rd Annual Northern California Book Award for Creative NonFiction. Filmmaker Michael Moore described Teardown as "a brilliant chronicle of the Mad Maxization of a once-great American city." More information about Teardown is available at