Saturday, April 3, 2010


An earlier post back by popular demand...

Remember that Flintoid song set to the music of
Miss You by the Rolling Stones? Here it is, courtesy of YouTube. Warning: If you're a big Mick Jagger fan, you may find this offensive. If you're from Flint, you may find it hilarious.


  1. Hi Gordon,
    As a Flintoid (born and raised in Flint, but moved to Grand Blanc to give my kids the same schools as the rich kids) I've been looking for Flint oriented bloggers for a while now, and yours is the best! Thanks for all the work, Flint is a combination of grit and smooth, and it takes a fine sensibility to love all of it's scarred beauty from afar. Keep up the good work, I'll keep reading.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. And now I know at least one other person who isn't a friend or a relative is reading this!

  3. Brings back memories....

    Does 105.5 still broadcast and do they still play rock? I was more a WDDZ girl in high school but I remember my babysitters from the 70's rocking out to KISS while listening to 105, with their feathered hair and the comb in the back pocket too! There might be other gritty, rough cities in the US but I have to think Flint is in a class by itself. You can't help but kind of miss it, there is just no where like it!

  4. 105.5 does still broadcast but it's mostly Top 40, which includes a bit of everything Rock, R&B, Alternative, etc. Check out:

  5. What a great site...I found you from the Flickr photo site. I remember this song while I was growing up in Flint. I was guest DJ on 105.5 and it was hilarious! When they randomly picked me, they thought I would play Led Zepplin crap...but I went on and played Punk rock like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols....HAHHAHAHAA!

    Ex Flint Girl (actaully from Flushing MI)

  6. Ex Flint Girl, what year did you DJ? I would have loved that.

  7. Also, unrelated (unless you count it as "broadcast"-related)... did anyone see the premiere of "Hung" this week on HBO? The opening shots confused me. I was thinking, is that the Ren-Cen? Larned... isn't Larned in Detroit? The dang show is set in Detroit.

  8. Hi Gordon,
    As a Flintoid I was born and raised in Flint and Im so glad I experienced this great town, from the very best to the very worst. It's been a great ride. I'll always be proud to say "Im from Flint"

    You have a great website, keep up your good work.
    Thanks for the memories.....

  9. Dear old WWCK! "Flint's Best Rock!" In fact when I was coming to music consciousness in the early 70s, Flint's ONLY rock ... the AM stations were pretty much top 40: only 'CK played the album stuff.

    One hot and sultry Saturday night in July of '73, my friend Patti was over visiting from the western subs past Ballenger on Flushing. We were waiting for the Ghoul to come on tv at 11:30. I had my usual cheesey mono AM station on my "stereo." Patti, always more sophisticated about these things than I, care of her older siblings, said, "Let's listen to 105 eff-em."

    Dear God! It was Uriah Heep, "The Magician's Birthday" on the Album Hour. Changed my life. And it was REALLY STEREO! Whooooaaaaaa!

  10. I always wondered what became of that song? I googled it once.. but found nothing. Thanks for the link!

  11. I also found this online and sent it to my brother in law out in Arizona. It cracks me up. What's really sad is when I worked at 105.5 fm we had all of the rock library on disc and used them as Christmas ornaments and frisbees because we had changed format to Top 40. Wish I could get this library back ...

    Here's a look back


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